Oden Control AB

Norra Bruksgatan 2

155 33 Nykvarn


Oden Control offers training for dealers and end customers. For more information and dates, please contact Oden Control AB.

Introduction course
The introduction course is a basic course for both sales people and technicians. The participants will learn about the Oden product range and understand briefly how the actuators work. The course includes both theoretical and practical parts.


  • The Oden product range
  • The unique Oden gear technology
  • Mechanical design
  • Electronics and calibration methods
  • Installation and maintenance

The introduction course is held during 1 day. It is free of charge.

Service course
The service course is directed to service technicians at dealers or end users. The course is mainly practical with a few theoretical parts. The participants will get a deep understanding of the mechanical and electrical design of the actuators.

The agenda is set in cooperation with the participants, based on their background and interest.

The service course is normally held during 1 day.