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The Oden Valve Program, OVP-V.23A , can be used to change the default settings of torque, speed, working range etc. However, it is not required for operating the actuator. If the default values are adequate for your application, it is not necessary to use the software. The software communicates with  V series Oden actuators, by using USB / USB mini cable. P-series actuators use  RS-232 interface. If your computer is lacking a serial port, you need a standard converter from RS232 to USB.

The actuator parameters can easily be changed by any of these two methods: 

  • Making the changes interactively in the program with the actuator connected to the PC
  • Remotely on a separate PC by saving the changes in a data file and later loading them to the actuator when it is connected to the PC

Examples of adjustable parameters in OVP:

  • Valve closing direction
  • Torque/Force
  • Acceleration
  • Working range
  • Speed
  • Valve reaction at control signal loss

Versions of OVP:

  • OVP14*,OVP17* or OVP23A*)
  • Old P series: P50, P220, P500 actuators (Use OVP 3.8 program)
  • P30 with serial number 96xxxx – 99xxxx or 00xxxx – 08xxxx (Use OVP 3.8)
  • P30 with serial number 09xxxx or higher (Use OVP 4.1)

* Version of program is depending on delivery date. See certificate, ask your Oden actuator supplier or Oden Control AB

Download OVP-V.23 program to your V-series actuators, click this link!