Oden Control AB

Norra Bruksgatan 2

155 33 Nykvarn


Pulp and paper industry that use our actuators for basis weight control and other applications for pulp and paper production:


Stora Enso Fors, Billerud Skärblacka, Billerud Grums, Holmen Braviken, Holmen Iggesund, Artic Paper Grycksbo, SCA Obbola, Metsä Board Husum, Domsjö Fabriker Örnsköldsvik, Surfit Kappa Piteå, Södra Cell Värö, Stora Enso Vikingastad, Stora Enso Skutskär, Stora Enso Skoghall, Billerud Korsnäs Frövi, Rottneros Vallvik,

Some of our pulp and påaper customers worldwide:

Higher kings Scotland Limited, Saica Paper, France, Hanke Tissue, Poland,  Mondi Steti, Czech republic,  Räpinä paberifabrik, Estonia, Tamilnadu newprint and papers Ltd, India.Bulleh Shah packaking, Pakistan. Oden actuators can be found in many Voith built paper machines around the world.

South America:

Familia Equador and Cellulosa San Pedro. Buckeye,  Brazil. Artivinco, Brazil

Ramenzoni,  Brazil. Inforza, Chile.

Power plants, paper mills and other industries worldwide:

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