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External gears

Our new V-series actuators are very strong, up to 400 Nm. But if higher forces are needed, we can deliver our actuators with external gears from for example Auma and Sumitomo. Sumitomo gears are very silent, compact and with high accuracy. The world market for silent, reliable gears with smal size is huge. Dampers, big segment and ball  valves, requires reliable gears with no backlash.

We use also Auma gears for different applications. It is easy to adapt our V-series actuator to ISO flanges on Auma gears. Many customers prefer to mount our actuators to existing auma gear with valve. Our small actuators with low weight and small size, make installation easy. We can get quite high speed with our VQ actuators . Even suitable for OnOff controlling .

You can find our actuators with external gears, assembled on air dampers, big segment, and butterfly valves