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Marine solutions

Published: 2020-08-21

Oden electric actuators are well known in marine systems. The advantages are small size, low weight, low energy consumption, low voltage, few parts, long service life. low noise and easy handling. Oden also has special solutions for the navy. For example control board, control signals and feedback signal, are galvanic isolated . Simple design makes Oden actuators perfect for marine solutions, because sometimes automation engineers have to perform service during the voyage across the world’s oceans. Short delivery time for spare parts and complete actuators is our speciality.. Actuators are anodised and all screws are made of stainless steel. Mounting parts can be made of stainless steel or other materials for marine use. It is possible to supply the actuators with a hard anodised actuator body for better salt resistance. Take contact with Oden Control AB or your local supplier for Oden actuators for more info.