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Oden electric actuators for better environment

Published: 2021-05-05

Oden actuators have been during long time a product, that is associated with quality. But what many people do not know is that the Oden actuators are very economical in operation, compared to forces that can be extracted from the actuators. Low voltage also makes the actuators perfect for third world projects, where there is no strong current available. The actuators can be run with battery operation, for example in solar cell projects, where you charge batteries during the daytime and then run the actuators with battery operation during the night. Oden has been in the wind power projects with their actuators. Using pneumatic actuators is not economical. Leaking air costs money. In addition, you must have expensive compressors, which should be kept running. Removing oil and water from the instrument air is expensive. If economic aspects are developed, for example, 3 phase strong current cable is much more expensive to install than 24 V DC cables. 24V DC voltage is also safer to handle.