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Fast, linear and turning control actuators

Published: 2023-12-14

Oden Control has been supplying high-speed linear and rotary actuators since 1996. Customers include power plants, paper mills, waterworks, water treatment plants, ships, submarines, manufacturers for the industrial burners and damper systems, test laboratories for truck and car engines, and many special test systems and laboratories. Oden Control’s high-speed linear actuators are mounted in many power plants and paper mills. There, we control steam cooling systems, feed water controls and other applications that require fast, but accurate actuators. Several companies can supply fast actuators, but when accuracy, control capability and high force is requirement, then Oden actuators are best suited for those applications. Linear actuator speeds up to 400mm/min, forces up to 32kN. Different stroke lengths available. Read more about our quick turning actuators on our website.