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Oden actuators with external gears

Published: 2022-11-03

The Oden electric actuators can handle up to 400Nm torque. But did you know that you can buy the Oden actuators with external gears from e.g. Auma and Sumitomo Fine Cyclo gears. We have been supplying Oden actuators with external gears from various suppliers for many years. we also have our own designs of belt drives that are used extensively by power plants. New stronger belt drives are under construction. In order for us to deliver suitable actuators with gears, we need to know the required closing force and speed. We have assembly kits to connect our actuators to Auma and Sumitomo gearboxes. Ask about our actuators with local control with buttons in the actuator or local control in a separate cabinet. To get to Auma Scandinavia’s website for gears, click the link: https://www.auma.com/en/products/part-turn-gearboxes/gearboxes-gs/ To get to the Sumitomo Fine Cyclo website, click the link: https://www.sumitomodrive.com/